The funny side of being a hard of hearing kid

Being hard of hearing can be a challenge – it can be frustrating, embarrassing and tiresome. However, once you are able to step back and see the funny things that happen because you are hard of hearing, it can change your perspective! Suddenly, you don’t concentrate on all the negatives about having a hearing loss – you begin to see that if you can smile and sometimes even laugh about the embarrassing stuff – you become a lot more comfortable about being hard of hearing.

I was 4 when I got my hearing aids. The little girl next door was 3. She wanted “ear rings” like me. She thought they were cool. Then one day her mom asked her if she was listening and she said, “I need hearing aids like Mike.”

We thought my hearing had gone down, but actually I had a piece of cotton stuck in my ear

When I was 18 months old, I got my first set of hearing aids. When I ran down the hall, suddenly I stopped. I turned around, my eyes as wide as saucers, and said, “Mommy, mommy, my feet make noise!” It was the first time I ever heard my own footsteps.

The most ‘popular’ question people ask when they see a hearing aid in you ear is…“What’s that thing in your ear?”
Here are a few answers from the kids:

• An electric wax collector
• It’s my third ear
• My beeper
• My musical chimes
• They are a new earring style. Do you like them?
• To keep my brain inside my head
• What deers? I don’t have any deers!