The Everyday Causes of Hearing Damage [Infographic]

Sensorineural hearing loss is caused by excessive or prolonged exposure to loud noises. Did you know that most of us are exposed to these kind of noises almost every day?

Check out our infographic below and see how you can prevent potential hearing damage.

The everyday causes of hearing loss infographic

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How does sensorineural hearing loss occur?

Loud noises destroy the tiny hairs on the cells in the inner ear; this unfortunately is an irreversible process meaning any damage caused is permanent. When this happens, quality and quantity of sounds are reduced.

How likely is this to affect you?

30-50 million Americans and 1.1 million Brits are exposed to dangerously high levels of noise every day. Over 10 million Americans and 170,000 Brits alive today have already suffered irreversible hearing damage caused by noise alone.

Everyday examples that cause hearing damage:

Busy road: damage after 8+ hours exposure

Lawn mower: damage after 8 hours exposure

Motorcycle: damage after 1 hour exposure

Chainsaw: damage after 15 minutes exposure

Headphones (loud): damage after 15 minutes exposure

Club, disco or concert: damage after 15 minutes exposure

Stadium football game: damage after 30 seconds exposure

Jet taking off: immediate damage

Thunderclap: immediate damage

Fire alarm: immediate damage

Earthquare: immediate damage

How can you protect your hearing?

Try to avoid excessive noise wherever possible, or don’t stay in overly loud places for too long of a period of time.

Wear ear muffs or ear plugs when regularly attending noisy places.

Turn the volume down on your headphones and get used to listening to quieter sounds.

Remember: any damage done to your hearing could be permanent.


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