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IHP Members offer a wide range of services to help you get the very best out of your hearing.

These include:

FREE hearing assessments

Our independent professionals offer free hearing assessments and advice to ensure your hearing is always in the best condition possible. If you’re at risk of hearing loss, or already starting to lose your hearing without realising it, their expert advice can be invaluable.

FREE impartial advice

We’re a not-for-profit organisation, meaning our advice is completely impartial as we have no financial incentive to recommend one product over another.

The latest hearing technology from all the world’s leading manufacturers

We are proud to be at the forefront of the market when it comes to technical innovation; if new products are coming out, we’ll do our utmost to stock them – the quality of your hearing depends on it.

Ear wax removal using the latest micro-suction technology

Hearing damage is irreversible, but your hearing loss may not always be what you think. Ear wax removal procedures are simple and pain-free, and will give your hearing a new lease of life.

Comprehensive aftercare

The aftercare of IHP customers lasts for the lifetime of your hearing device – you won’t find better aftercare than that anywhere in the hearing world.

Custom hearing aid fitting

No two ears are the same, and that’s why it’s essential to get correctly fitting hearing aids. Our custom fitted hearing aids will be an absolute perfect fit for your ears, ensuring comfortable usage at all times.

Hearing aid repairs and re-programming

Whilst we’re fully confident and believe in the quality of our products, naturally, things can occasionally go wrong. That’s why we’re happy to be able to offer repairs and re-programming for hearing devices.

Assistive hearing devices

Hearing aid accessories

Hearing aid batteries

Hearing aid care and hygiene products

Hearing protection products

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