Amplified telephones are phones for the hard of hearing; as it suggests in the name, they’re louder than your typical household phone and this makes them extremely useful for those with hearing difficulty. It also makes them exceptionally good phones for the elderly. Along with a range of cordless, desktop, mobile and other amplified telephones, we also have a range of accessories to go with them to enhance your telephone experience. Order online today from IHP – the Independent Hearing Professionals.

Whether you’re looking for a portable amplified phone for when you’re out and about, a very loud phone capable of reaching sounds easily over 100dB or a tidy-looking house phone with on-screen caller ID, we’re here to help.

Not only do these loud telephones help the hard of hearing with their hearing loss, providing unique and improved features compared to standard phones, but they can also be useful in louder workplaces such as on building sites or in homes that always have a large amount of background noise. Scroll down and take a look through our great range today!