The Loudest Fans in the Premier League [Infographic]

The Premier League season is about to get underway, but the bragging rights start here.

Where did your team’s fans rank when it came to passion and noise volumes last season?

Loudest fans in the Premier League infographic

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Who are the most passionate fans in the Premier League according to a Press Association study?

We’ve taken a look at the data and turned it into this interesting infographic; digest the data, then do one of two things…hide in disappointment, or share it with your friend (the one that is hiding in disappointment) and gloat with glee.

You might dispute these results, but the numbers can’t lie.*

So, what do the numbers suggest?

Firstly, Aston Villa would not have survived the season like they have by the skin of their teeth over the past few years. Finishing joint bottom with their claret and blue counterparts – West Ham – drab football seemingly has a big part to play in this.

Perhaps surprisingly, the third and final team that would not have survived relegation would have been Liverpool, finishing 18th in the battle of the fans. Whilst Champions League nights are memorable at Anfield, it seems other games are easily forgettable.

Five clubs weighed in at joint 13th in the Premier League; a relegation survival scrap that wouldn’t have been too surprising to see in the real league; QPR, Leicester, Sunderland, Everton and Southampton (arguably the club least likely to finish in this position).

When it gets to the top half of the table, things start to look a little more out of place. In joint ninth place was Swansea, Hull, Burnley and – most surprisingly – Man City. After winning the title the year before, perhaps fans weren’t so happy to be slightly further down the league this time round.

Newcastle fans, known for their passionate support (or, most recently, opposition) to the team, managed to rank 8th in the Premier League fans vocal leaderboard – not bad for an army of shirtless people watching underwhelming football in sub-zero temperatures.

In seventh place is Arsenal; somehow missing out on the top four for the first time since the stone age.

Joint fifth and qualifying for Thursday nights on channel five is Crystal Palace – no doubt buoyed by King Pardew – and Premier League champions Chelsea. Perhaps those 1-0 victories aren’t as exciting as they seem…

Making up the Champions League of fan support are a few surprises; Spurs, Stokealona and West Bromwich Albion. Who knew the Baggies had anything to cheer about?

Coming top of the pile is Manchester United, with a combined home and away noise level of 167dB. Well, I guess they had to win something last season.

There we have it! Often maligned for their poor atmosphere, Man Utd come out on top. Champions Chelsea sit back in fifth and Liverpool fans were right; it was their year. Just not for the reasons they were anticipating.


*Although they were taken from a single minute of just one home and away game for the season.