Hearing Tests

Welcome to IHP, the perfect place to book your local hearing test with one of our fully qualified and impartial hearing healthcare specialists.  

Please use the form below to register your interest and one of our specialists will call you back to book your hearing test. Alternatively, you can call us anytime on 0115 828 4271. 

Hearing Check Ups and Video Inspection
If you, a friend or family member suspect you may have problems with hearing the easiest and most professional action would be to contact us on the form below for a hearing check-up and video imagery.

Symptoms of hearing loss?
The first symptoms of hearing loss may be simple things like having the TV louder than friends and family, or you may have trouble hearing children and women voices clearly.

It is quite common for hearing loss just to be a simple build-up of ear wax, especially if the hearing loss is a sudden occurrence. This is where our safe and efficient video cameras clearly show any obstructions to your hearing ability.

What if I do need help?
Rest assured we are here to help, when you visit your local family run independent hearing professional you will be in the best place. We are all highly qualified and registered with the government register of healthcare professionals the HCPC.

How much should I pay for professional help?
Most hearing checks are free and ALL are without obligation to purchase.

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